L’OCCITANE – no longer ”made in France”?

Recently we have come across several L’OCCITANE products Made in Egypt by a local third party producer and distributed throughout Middle East and North Africa. This comes as a huge suprise since the French origins in Provence are part of the DNA of the L’OCCITANE brand.

In the past five years the L’OCCITANE worldwide distribution has doubled, thanks to a network of professional distributors. The awareness of the brand has also increased through its extensive presence as amenities of major luxury hotel chains such as FOUR SEASONS and INTER-CONTINENTAL.
Compromising on the key assets of the brand and the quality of ingredients for the sake of increased production and therefore sales can only harm the brand long term. L’OCCITANE produces all body care cosmetics products as well as well being and aromatherapy products, most made using organic ingredients.