Living legend of show jumping wins Grand Prix Equidia Life Chantilly

This is a huge champion who entered today his name to the winners of the Grand Prix de Chantilly Equidia Life: Nick Skelton, living legend of British show jumping, Whitaker brothers congener, multiple medalist since the 80s. If Nick is now in his fifties, he had to be very young at heart and physically to get the win in a dam which is certainly the fastest in the history of jumping from Chantilly.

Nick Skelton wins Grand Prix Ewuidia of Jumping in Chantilly, France


Eleven riders were invited to the second round of the Grand Prix: eleven competitors were faultless in the first inning, I was lucky, because this second round and turned into a barrage. A barrage of madness by Laura Kraut opened Woodstock with 40.41. A time that its companion English did not attempt to meet the improving of 2 seconds and 78/100 to the price of a galloping madness of the penultimate obstacle to the final oxer, “You never know what will happen when we arrive at such a speed on an oxer of this size, but upon receipt of the vertical, I saw that I had a good distance that I could move forward even if the horse has been beaten its a bit far (at least 2.50 m, ie) but I knew it would be okay. It is fast in nature and can cover large trajectories of the obstacles which saves time, especially in its dams: it’s a quick jumper. ” The Mass was said, but at this stage of the race, nobody knew it yet and riders are given away to their heart, to the delight of the public, to try to “catch up” Nick Skelton.

The French Patrice Delaveau came close to the feat with Ornella Mail * HDC: he has missed 38 hundredths of a second and took for the second consecutive year 2nd place in the Grand Prix ahead of Denis Lynch and Lantinus, they too in the same second! This Grand Prix Equidia Life then was the last major international event before the Olympics in London, where a deadline Columbia is considered a favorite: “It’s always nice to finish with a win before the Games, this means I’m fine, the horses are fit. Including Big Star I go up to the Games and I came up here in two small trials in history to keep pace with the competition. He needed no path issues. “Man is he irritated by cecostume favorite in which seem to put many informed observers? “No, I assume, it is rather pleasant and in any case, this does not put pressure me, I have a very good horse, I know what he is able even if it is a bit young and could lack experience. No, it does not bother me that they see me as favorite and it’s not what I will put pressure. London is another day, another competition and when the Games are finished we will move to the next competition.

“Moreover, the British champion of Olympic preparation will be done without further ado it: at home waiting to go directly to Greenwich Park:” We do not live far from London, I can work quietly all days, he can enjoy his paddocks. No need to overdo it! “An Olympic competition where someone will be missing: Michael Whitaker (still the same today in the 7th Grand Prix):” It’s too bad, so he’s a reliable team. For years and years that we compete together in the same team. It’s really a guy you can count on. ”

The ninth edition of Jumping has therefore concluded on God save the Queen celebrating one of the largest of the sport and perhaps the public (even 6,000 spectators Sunday) most French expert on the international circuit, as the most courteous because he wanted to stay until the end of the awards, perhaps that the public had the opportunity to pay tribute to one who could be Olympic champion in 15 days.

adapted from Agence R&B Presse