Legendary luxury hotel reopens in Istanbul

Following a EUR 23 million renovation, Istanbul’s legendary hotel PERA PALACE is set to reopen on September 1st. Inaugurated in 1892, PERA PALACE has been host to many world famous intellectuals such as Alphonse de Lamartine, Pierre Loti, Theophile Gaultier as well as royalties such as King Edward VIII, Queen Elizabeth II, Emperor Franz Joseph. Other celebrities who used to be loyal guest of the Pera Palace include: Alfred Hitchcock, Zsazsa Gabor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis and Greta Garbo. The Pera Palace is said to have been the inspiration for Agatha Christie’s novel Murder on the Orient Express.

Pera Palace Hotel, was home to many firsts. Apart from the Ottoman Palaces, it was the first building to have electricity as well as the first electric elevator. Bathrooms that provided the only running hot water in the city were also privileges exclusive to Pera Palace Hotel guests. Tall spacious rooms lit by magnificent chandeliers were host to many unforgettable tea and dance parties.


Original 19th Century features, including precious “White Carrara” marbles and exquisite “Murano-glass” chandeliers make Pera Palace Hotel suites the ideal place to experience century - old heritage. At the same time, expertly installed state–of-the-art technology and new technological services guarantee the comfort of a truly luxury hotel. The hotel has 115 rooms, including 16 suites, each bearing a famous celebrity name.


The Pera Palace boasts a unique SPA spreading on 380 square metre, which includes a Turkish bath with heated marble floors, jacuzzi, sauna, a fully equipped gym and an indoor jet-streamed swimming pool.