Lax UK visa rules to attract more Chinese for shopping

With the average Chinese visitor to the UK already spending £8,000 on average, well-prepared brands may see significant growth from tourists. In addition to the visa process in the UK, China’s Tourism Law was modified to better regulate how operators plan activities and collect commissions.

The changes took effect on October 1st. Article 35 of the law now states, “Travel agencies are prohibited from organizing tourism activities and luring tourists with unreasonably low prices, or getting illegitimate gains such as rebates by arranging shopping or providing tourism services that requires additional payment.” While the crack-down on tour packages goes into effect, high-end retailers in the UK have the opportunity to prepare for new shoppers by getting brands to better engage and serve Chinese visitors.

E.U. Schengen has been slow to implement such changes, especially the main shoppig hubs for Chinese – Italy, France and Spain. UK which is not a member state has once again an edge over other EU countries.

Chinese luxury shoppers in London