Lawyers – an important customer base for luxury products and services

According to national fiscal authority in Romania (ANAF) the wealthiest lawyer in Romania earned EUR 3,4 million in 2008, while the second and third in ranking earned over EUR 2,5 million in 2008. Despite the international crisis, many law firms have seen a growth in business.

Romania is not the only country in the region to boost a wealthy customer base among lawyers. Organizers of the yacht exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria, held in Spring 2009, confirmed most of the luxury yachts were bought by lawyers. According to media, the average yearly income of the top 10 law firms in Bulgaria.  

In Croatia, the richest lawyer is ranked among the 50 wealthiest Croatians with assets of over EUR 55 million.

Leather accessories, optics, writing instruments and watches are among the favorite luxury products of this consumer target base.