Lamborghini London, the single most successful Lamborghini dealer in the world in 2016

The H. R Owen Lamborghini London dealership in South Kensington has set the record for selling the most number of Lamborghini’s in 2016, more that any other brand dealer in the world.

The London dealership has managed to garner the highest sales records for the auto giant from over its 128 dealerships (approx.) in the world. While the British capital is known to have its own taste for sophistication and brimming opulence, it is in fact the Middle eastern countries or cash rich lands such as Japan or the U. S of A that are often the biggest consumers of top-end cars. While a part of the success goes to the resident Londoners, the high sales by the South Kensington dealership can also be attributed to the wealthy visitors that the city brings in.

Lamborghini London showroom