Kering partners with London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Francois Pinault’s Kering Group (Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Boucheron etc) has signed a deal with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion  at the London College of Fashion, to support sustainable practices and innovation.The partnership will play a key role as incubator for new ways of thinking about sustainable fashion, through: the co-development of academic modules; Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion (internships) and Kering Talks (new thinking).

The CSF and Kering partnership will be made up of three main projects:

The Kering Talks: each year, in October, visionaries and business leaders from the fashion industry will speak on the latest developments in the area of sustainable fashion, sharing new thinking and breakthroughs in best practice.

The first Kering Talk took place on Wednesday 29th October at the London College of Fashion. François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of Kering, will give this inaugural talk in which he will share his vision on the vital importance of sustainability in building a fashion industry for the future.

The Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion: on an annual basis, Kering brands and the CSF will launch a student “contest” which will focus on a specific and real-life industry challenges. Open to all third-year BA and MA students, across the following disciplines – fashion design, management, communications – the contest will require students to provide creative and achievable solutions to a project brief defined by Kering. Two winners will be awarded a monetary grant and an internship placement within Kering brands.

The co-development of academic modules for the sustainable design course:  Kering and the CSF, supported by a team of industry experts, researchers and academics, will share their business and academic expertise to create a full course module taught each year at the LCF. The module will focus on the role sustainability must play today and provide them with knowledge and tools for their future professional life. This unprecedented initiative will also aim to develop a pioneering academic framework to explore sustainability in fashion, which could inspire other educational institutions in the future.

Kering promotes sustainable fashion in partnership with LCF