Karl Lagerfeld – the end of his era at CHANEL?

After designing a spectacular collection for Fendi, which has been seeing double digit growth in the past 3 years and opening the first store of his own re-branded label Karl Lagerfeld in Paris (company now re-launched by Apex Partners), the ”Kaiser” is now getting more serious about fashion outside his universe at Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld brand new store in Paris

After his latest in a long series of collaboration, from mineral water, Hogan shoes to VW and recently Rolls Royce, Lagerfeld seems to have almost subconsciously delivered the worst ready-to-wear collection of the past 5 years (yesterday during Paris Fashion Week), not to mention the lacklustre merchandising and store windows and the very predictable advertising campaign for Chanel Spring Summer 2013.

Probably, the only message that stands out from his catwalk show, the other day, is that model, singer, muse – turned boyfriend, for the past 4 years, Baptiste Giabiconi was once again glowing on the catwalk at Chanel.

At times when the company’s turnover is mostly generated by fragrances and beauty products (not only the Chanel brand but the mass market Bourjois), the Wertheimer family, owners of Chanel, are in no rush to find a replacement for Lagerfeld, as they might already have one…

Oliver Petcu

Chanel, Ready To Wear, Fall Winter 2013-14