KARL LAGERFELD, a living legend

Karl Lagerfeld and muse Ines de la Fressange

With a career spanning 4 decades in fashion and more recently in photography, German born designer, Karl Lagerfel continues to amaze audiences with new and sometimes even more creative project. His favourite ”past time” hobbies are directing and photography. He has now made history with the short film on Chanel shot in St Tropez and the suprising ad for Volkswagen cars. Despite rumours of his imminent replacement at Chanel, he continues to deliver amazing collections for the legendary French fashion house. He is not only a genious of creating perfect fashions but also delivering the most impressive fashion shows, of which the 2010 collection present at the Grand Palais in Paris with a huge lion dominating the entire venue, being among the most stunning of the past decade.

Along CHANEL, he continues to design for FENDI, mostly known for its leather and fur apparel and accessories. At Fendi he has been delivering successfull collections, the brand being considered the second most dynamic in development after Louis Vuitton, within the LVMH holding company. The only brand which he gave up was PUCCI, probably overwhelmed with his multiple ongoing projects. His collection for H&M made history and marked the debut of such collaborations between a fast fashion company and a well known designer. However, he seems to have always neglected his own line which used to be called Lagerfeld Gallery and now Karl Lagerfeld, producing insignificant sales mainly due to an uninspired choice of partners and investors.

Since 1987 he is said to be carrying his camera wherever he travels, photography becoming his favourite artistic expression. He has not only shot memorable campaigns, mostly for CHANEL and many editorials for various Vogue editions but also themed series of photographs. It remains a mystery how he manages to juggle his design work for four pret a porter lines and an haute couture one, while remaining unstoppable in his journeys around the world.

His legacy is enormous and his place in the history of fashion is assured among other legends Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent. His understanding of the Coco Chanel DNA will remain unique and no matter how creative or talented, his successor at CHANEL will face a huge task to live up to the levels which he raised. Lagerfeld is quoted in many interviews saying he does not have any intention to retire and that his contract with Chanel is for life.