John Richmond takes back control of his brand name

Italian businessman Saverio Moschillo, a former manufacturer and distributor for John Richmond, has continued to show a line called Richmond in Milan but will not be able to use the name any longer. As a result, the fashion label led by Moschillo, set to show on Sunday in Milan, will no longer be called ‘Richmond’ but simply ‘Rich’.

British designer John Richmond won back control of his ready-to-wear label at the end of 2015, in partnership with Fashioneast, a group comprising several Luxembourg-based investors. Yet Saverio Moschillo continued to use the name ‘Richmond’, creating fashion collections and opening the Richmond Café.

The British designer counter-attacked and started legal proceedings. Saverio Moschillo appealed, but the Milan court has recently rejected the appeal, as is evident from the communiqué below.

“With a compliance order dated 21st September 2016, the Milan Court has rejected the appeal by Mr Saverio Moschillo, Moschillo Llc, Biver Llc and Gioia Milano Llc, and confirmed the first court order of 20th June 2016, forbidding Mr Moschillo and the companies listed above to use in any way whatsoever the brand, denomination, domain name and shop sign consisting of or including the name ‘John Richmond’ or ‘Richmond’ in relation to any product or service, on the entire territory of the European Union.”

John Richmond