John Galliano, the end of his career at DIOR ? (updated)

Designer John Galliano, now 50 years old, has been suspended by the house of CHRISTIAN DIOR from his position of Creative Director following his arrest two nights ago in Paris, due to the assault and antisemitic accuses on a couple in the district of Marais. He was also drinking heavility and the level of alcohol in his blood was 1,1mg/l. One of the accuses he made ”You Asian bastard, I shall kill you!”. It remains to be seen how the matter will proceed and what will be the decision of Bernard Arnault owner of Dior.

John Galliano is reported to face a second trial, a complaint being filled anonimously for an incident in October 2010 when Galliano allegedly made anti semitic remarks. A video is also circulating on the internet, showing Galliano praising Hitler.