Jimmy Choo – an expected success at H&M

Shoppers have queued for hours on the launching day of JIMMY CHOO’s collection of shoes for H&M. The collection is avaialble at 200 select H&M stores worldwide and it already looks like a huge success. Customers are now able to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo’s at EUR 70, instead of EUR 700 in the regular. Oliver Petcu of CPP Management Consultants Ltd believes this venture is likely to be successful for H&M only, Jimmy Choo risking to lose its prestige and exclusivity. Petcu added that while the brand awareness increases and while it becomes affordable for a new type of customers, it will likely make regular clients weary.

H&M launched similar collections with Stella Mc Cartney, Cavalli and Karl Lagerfel, all of them selling out in days. However, the case of Jimmy Choo is different as it is a brand which is specialized in shoes and bags only, therefore the risk of losing exclusivity is higher.