Jil Sander: “Digitalisation has fundamentally changed fashion”

Ahead of her first ever exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt, Jil Sander spoke about the current trends in fashion. She told FashionNetwork.Com: ‘Digitalisation has fundamentally changed fashion. The cycles have shrunk to a weekly rhythm. This means that big collections, such as the seasonal lines, are no longer relevant. Additionally, globalisation and its wider consumer base has influenced taste. Vintage fashion, which may seem to us like a step backwards, feels fresh for these consumers. This is also influencing Western fashion.’

Sander also added: I would advise them to focus on the essential requirements of clothing and get a sense of the zeitgeist without losing sight of the future. Because fashion should also give us strength for the tasks that lie ahead.

The Jil Sander exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt am Main will be open until 6 May 2018. According to the museum, interest has been high during the first weeks, with long queues and delays in the weekends.

Jil Sander exhibition at Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt