Jaguar launches its first SUV, the Jaguar F-Pace S

Jaguar is making its very late entry to the party is Jaguar’s first ever SUV – the F-Pace. It has already picked up 25 global awards and is the fastest-selling Jaguar ever, with more than 50,000 already sold since its launch.

Part limo, part off-road bruiser, part highway cruiser, they give you a bit of everything you fancy. And the F-Pace does it all very neatly: it’s big but not colossal; fast but not terrifying; luxurious but not ostentatious; capable but probably not one for heading to Antarctica in.

Being part of the Jaguar Land Rover group, you’d think creating an F-Pace to going toe-to-toe with stable mates such as the Evoque and Discovery Sport would be foolhardy to say the least. But Jaguar has made it clear from the outset that the F-Pace is all about performance. It’s a pumped up sister to the exhilarating F-Type roadster rather than a pale imitation of the omnipotent Range Rover Sport. From its bonnet bulge to its pronounced rear haunches and slit-like lights, this is a car that’s designed to appear quick a nimble.

Inside there are plenty of luxurious touches and it’s packed with technology, from head-up display to surround camera and auto parking function. You can download an app that lets you remotely preheat or pre-cool the car and check its vital statistics. It also has an “Activity Key” – a sort of waterproof bracelet fob. Jaguar imagines many of its new customers will not be old men in golfing slacks vying for the most conspicuous parking spot at the golf club, but fit young people heading to the coast for some kite surfing and a beach barbecue.

The best-selling engine will be the 178bhp 4-cylinder 2-litre diesel with a six-speed manual or eight-speed auto. This returns 57.6mpg and emits 129g/km of CO2, which is all well and good. But for those concerned about diesel emissions, there is little to tempt you at the moment. The only petrol power plant is the over-the-top 375bhp 3-litre supercharged V6, which will set you back another £15,000. However, sit tight and wait. JLR has recently unveiled a new Ingenium turbo petrol engine which will be available later this year.