Jaguar Land Rover opens in-store retail concept in London at Westfield

Jaguar Land Rover has teamed up with Rockar to create a new instore concept, complete with a digital showroom in London Westfield’s Stratford City.

Designed by London-based creative agency Dalziel & Pow, after their success from previous Rockar concepts with Hyundai, together they have developed a new concept to retail design that will aid Jaguar Land Rover’s luxury positioning.

The principle of the store design is to create a different customer experience to traditional dealerships. Inspired by the surrounding fashion brands, Jaguar has invested with a greater focus towards consumer engagement, implementing digital screens that offer 24/7 retail theatre, dynamic store window displays and playful content to attract attention.

Consumers can also visit the consultation rooms available to discuss and customise their dream Jaguar Land Rover automobile. Designed by D&P, the featured ‘create’ space offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere using focused lighting and wooden archway interiors. A team of sales ‘Angels’, who are not on commission, are also on hand to share further information and guidance reflecting the Rockar approach of helping instead of selling.

Lastly, in keeping with the personal appeal of the store, consumers can choose to book a test drive for up to an hour in the nearby car park using the ‘Youdrive’ app, creating a well-rounded luxury experience and earning Jaguar Land Rover, the first automotive brand to offer complete online purchasing.