Italy’s police continue to ignore the alarming counterfeit sales phenomenon

The economic crisis has been generating discontent among all social categories, especially the state employed, creating a vicious circle of frustration, inhibition and depression over a possible economic recovery. Italy has always had an incoherent and lax approach to counterfeiting especially the sale of counterfeit luxury branded goods even before the European debt crisis, major cities being flooded by tons of fake bags being sold on the street, in many cases in front or within a few meters from the luxury stores.

Nowadays, the sale of luxury branded counterfeit sales is rife not only Florence, Venice and Milan but also in the upscale summer holiday destinations such as Portofino or Forte dei Marmi. The main shopping streets of these smaller towns are invaded by counterfeit salesmen, displaying Prada, Gucci, Vuitton, Chanel or Fendi fake bags right on the pavement, without any reserve.

Sale of fake bags in centre of Forte dei Marmi, in front of the new Louis Vuitton boutique