Italy’s long term legacy of craftmanship in furniture and interior design

CPP-LUXURY.COM has recently interviewed, exclusively, Gregorio Savo, the CEO and co-owner of luxury Italian furniture maker Savio Firmino.

How do you evaluate this year’s Salone del Mobile ,held in Milan last month? Have you noticed new consumer trends or an increased/decreased participation of buyers from certain countries?

At the 2013 edition of I Saloni we registered a good increase of visitors and orders. This positive outcome makes us happy and proud of our efforts to prepare in the best possible way this event. We also observed some very interesting business opportunities with buyers from India and some other Asiatic countries.

Our loyal customers from Russia, Ukraine and ex-USSR countries reconfirmed their interest and preference for Savio Firmino. We are grateful and we will put even more efforts to create new and classy collections at top quality

With the booming exposure which the internet provides, are still such exhibitions important?

Savio Firmino is aware of the new importance and potential of internet in the business world. We are working to develop and improve our knowledge of the net, in order to better exploit the resources provided by this powerful media.

However, we fully believe that the web cannot substitute events like ISaloni Milan, that always remains fundamental in the furniture scene. Seeing a photo in a website or in a catalogue cannot give you the emotion of touching a soft velvet or a fresh pure leather, feeling an unique handmade carving, or looking at a bright or warm finishing.

What are the key defining elements of your brand which make it stand out among other Italian furniture brands?

Savio Firmino is one of the most important exponent of Made in Italy in the world. Our style is worldwide recognized and appreciated, and I think the main reason of this success is our heritage. We are proud of our Florentine roots and aware of our strong identity. Savio Firmino brings the Italian handcrafted tradition in the most precious homes and resorts all over the world. In my family I have always breathed a culture of beauty and elegance. The inborn creativity of my father, the Master of Arts Guido Savio, with the abilities of the best Florentine craftsmen, gives to all our items the highest level of quality that makes Savio Firmino collections timeless and unique.

How important is Made in Italy, both in terms of creativity and manufacturing?

Made in Italy is the perfect union of creativity and manufacturing, this two aspects cannot be separated. The first input of an unique style, as ours, is inside the designer’s mind : my father Guido Savio thinks and elaborates the idea of the product, leading the young team of Savio Firmino Design Department. After, the project needs the skilful hands of our craftsmen, that give shape to the idea, creating every-time a masterpiece for our Collections.

Many Italian home furnishing companies are subcontracting, producing abroad, yet still not admitting formally. What is your view?

Savio Firmino is proud to have his own factory with every step of the production process internal. For sure we have few sub- suppliers that provide us some non-wooden parts, but everyone is located in Florence area and all parts are strictly made in Florence area and Tuscany. Only by having a direct, close and continuous control of the production phases you can reach and guarantee the top quality. Many clients already came to visit our factory and saw with satisfaction their orders produced on every stage of the process.

Which is your largest foreign market, outside Italy? What is your strategic approach to international expansion? – regions / countries and type of distribution

Europe, Russia, Ukraine and and ex-USSR countries are our most important markets. Savio Firmino expands also to Arabic countries, United States and China. Our approach to international expansion consist on figuring out the newly rich countries and try to penetrate their markets.

What does it take for a certain furniture product to become or to be considered an ‘icon’?

In my opinion a furniture product becomes an “icon” when its style is unique, worldwide recognized and appreciated; when its quality comes from an important heritage, combined with the inborn creativity of its designer and a continuous process of development and improvement. If the most demanding public, as Savio Firmino customers, understands and discerns the artistic value of an item we may say it is an “icon”.

Among your product categories which has been the most consistent in terms of financial performance?

Our icon bed 1696 ribbon and roses.

Savio Firmino luxury bed