Israel, a 360 degree luxury ‘experience’

Sunny beaches at the end of September, when most of Europe is rainy and cold…luxury hotels in the capital of Tel Aviv, which is home to the country’s main international airport….. local luxury hotel brands in Tel Aviv such as Carlton, Arcadia Tower or The Norman, but also international such as InterContinental or Indigo….prices starting from USD 450 / night for a standard room with no breakfast….

Book a cheap ticket online with EL AL, the national airline of Israel and you are all set! or at least this is what you thought. If you are lucky, you may have a wonderful vacation.

If you are unlucky, a security agent at the airport will ask you, before completing check-in, the exact dates you last travelled to Qatar and Dubai, and the exact  reasons you were there. If you tell the truth, like I did (I was in Qatar on business and in Dubai for shopping), they may instantly refuse to allow you to board the plane and, within seconds ALL WAS CANCELLED. The El Al ticketing office at the airport cancelled my fight ticket, with no refund and, there I was, taking a cab, back home, with no trip to Israel, just one bitter memory that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life. No refund on the flight ticket or the hotel…no Israel trip ever in my life!

GO ISRAEL ”Land of Creation” Maybe it is a test of creativity)))

The Norman Hotel Tel Aviv will remain, unfortunately, an enigma for CPP-LUXURY COM