In Conversation with Vered Back, Founder of Vered Organic Botanicals

CPP-LUXURY.COM has recently interviewed Vered Back, founder of Vered Organic Botanicals. Here are the interview highlights.

1. What inspired you to set up your own organic beauty business?

I have been in the beauty business for 27 years. I was the youngest esthetician in Israel to receive their cosmetology license. After school my partner and I opened a day spa in Tel Aviv, which went on to become very successful. Many years would pass before I decided to create my organic skincare line. It was a natural progression mostly inspired by my own health issues. As an aromatherapist & esthetician I had always created custom products for my clients. After I had gone on to study herbalism and to heal myself with my own remedies, I had an epiphany in which I thought if I can take all these amazing herbal remedies internally and have such positive results, then why wouldn’t it work to benefit the skin? I then had the awareness that this was the missing link that I had been waiting for. Once I combined all those aspects together my product line came together with perfect balance and synergy. One of the misconception about organic based skincare is related to effectiveness.

My feeling is actually that one of the biggest myths of conventional skincare is that it works better than organic. You may see an effect for a time, but after awhile your body (skin) will figure out that this ingredient is a chemical and will stop working as the chemist who created the product intended it to. Or even worse, it will just start to cause internal damage. So you have to ask yourself at what cost is it worth it?

Our skin is a living organ, the largest organ on our body and it has its own intelligence. I am not saying that all organic skincare brands are created alike, they are not. The same is true of some conventional brands. Some use better ingredients than others, particularly in Europe. A lot of what will make one brand better than the other is simply having knowledge, experience, and expertise. There’s a big difference between a cook and a chef. I think everyone can understand that concept. The bottom line is in my business and my own experience I have had more clients whose skin was virtually destroyed by the use of conventional products and treatments, not the other way around. It’s a long road to nourish skin back to health, and I would have never achieved those results if it wasn’t for all the organic ingredients that I am working with.

2. Tell us more about your research and, hence, your philosophy.

My desire to research has all come from my own efforts to heal myself. This has transcended into every area of health that you can imagine. You could call me naturally curious with a strong belief that you can heal yourself back to optimal health. Every day I am inspired by the power, intelligence and beauty of nature. 3. Where do you source your ingredients? Being from a Mediterranean county I would source mostly from there and Europe. Now that I live the States, I source from North America and Europe. My goal is to use the highest quality pure therapeutic grade essential oils, organic and ethically wild-crafted herbs and plant oils that I can find.

4. What is your view on lack of a global certification of organic based products?

I am fortunate because I only use certified organic food-grade ingredients and ethically wild-crafted plants. I do not use any chemicals, synthetics, GMO’s, or chemical preservatives. There’s a huge difference between organic certified food-grade ingredients and between an ‘organic’ skin care brand that is certified by USDA by ‘beauty standards’. If everyone was certified by organic food-grade standards our whole industry would be changed overnight. I wish it were different, but honestly am not sure that it’s based in reality to think that big business would have it any other way. I believe the change will come with consumer purchasing power. To initiate this practice the consumer will need to become informed and educated. Do you source Spas? Do you have development plans towards the Spa industry? Yes, my goal is to continue to grow in the spa and retail market. Having been in the spa business for so many years it’s a natural fit for my brand to expand in this direction and the aromatherapy aspect of my products contribute to a deeply relaxing and sensory experience while in a treatment room.

5. What has been your most effective distribution channel? Are there any new markets you are particularly targeting? The most effective market so far has been the Internet. I believe the Internet market has given a wonderful platform for organic skin care brands and has captured those customers who would normally be purchasing in a retail store.

I am working towards expanding into the European market.

6. Do you consider developing mono-brand spaces (i.e. corners in department stores and/or stand alone)

I would consider having a VERED organic botanical spa at some point in the future.

7. How important is digital media to get across themessage about your products?

I believe social media has become quite imperative for any company these days. I enjoy connecting with my customers and watching those connections grow organically while translating into sales. I have also noticed that society has become much more sensitive to imagery in general.

8. What were your key product launches in 2015 and what are your plans for 2016?

At the end of 2014 I released my latest organic perfume called Blue Violet. In the first quarter of 2016 I will release my new organic oil-based face cleanser and another new perfume. I have been on the hunt for an extremely rare & expensive essential oil all over the world. When I find it I will be able create this scent. It’s my favorite childhood flower.

Vered Back of Vered Organic Botanicals