Iconic Brenners Park Hotel develops ultimate Spa concept, Villa Stephanie

Set in the idylic destination, the charming Baden Baden, the Brenners Park has been recognized for over 143 years  an institution of luxury hospitality, maintaining an uninterrupted leadership not just in Europe but at a global scale.

Flawless, genuine and reliable service extended by an immensely passionate team, a palace building with interiors worthy of a royal palace, a one-of-a-kind Spa, exceptional quality of food, a never-ending thirst for innovation and an owner with a long term vision and a deep understanding of luxury hospitality – have been the key ingredients for the continued successs of this unique establishment.

Brenners Park and its newly opened annex, Villa Stephanie boast a level of luxury which I have very rarely found at a property of this calibre. With the addition of Villa Stephanie earlier this year, Brenners Park has elevated its Spa and wellness offering to an unparalled level. Besides its Spa component, Villa Stephanie  also sensibly complements the lavish classic accommodations product of the Brenners Park, adding contemporary accommodations, which subtly draw on the design DNA of the Brenners Park. The quality of finishings and furnishings of the room are utterly outstanding, using the finest materials. You will love the natural wooden walls, which instill a cocoon atmosphere.

Irrespective of the venue or the service rendered, I was truly impressed with the service, especially by its reliable stance. One simply feels taken care of and most importantly feels special. Upon entering the Brenners Park, you ‘surrender’ and subconsciously leave behind and worries or any stress you might have had, knowing ”you are on good hands”. This level of trust as the essence of loyalty is so rare or inexistent. The rate of return guests is therefore huge. I could also observe that this trust and loyal has been spanning generations, with guests ‘growing up’ at the Brenners Park.

Service is extended most graciously, without being too casual or too formal either, with an ideal balance between senior staff (some who have been with the property for 3 to 4 decades) and young staff which ‘inherit’ the same service culture. Interestingly, there is also a certain etiquette and formal manner, especially at the restaurants, however, without a hint of being intimidating.

The food is outstanding in quality and so is service in the two restaurants. Guests have an ideal choice, depending on their mood of purpose of their stay (wellness/Spa or business) at the elegant and sophisticated two star Michelin Park Restaurant or at the more casual, Winter Garden. Dining overlooking the park and listening to the sounds of live piano music is one of those moments you will cherish forever.

Another ingredient in the success of Brenners is innovation. And this has come at an impressive scale by redeveloping a mansion which was adjacent to the Brenners Park Hotel into a revolutionary Spa concept, with a balanced offering between Spa, relaxation and preventive medical offerings. And no expense has been spared when building the Villa Stephanie – from the ultimate facilities, the exquisite decor to the new rooms and suites which boast the ultimate construction technology, making these accommodations probably the most quiet I have never experienced. Well, the Digital Detox feature of the rooms and suites does work. At the touch of a button, rooms are disconnected from wi-fi, thanks to the special insulation of the walls.

Another innovative feature of the Villa Stephanie is the lounge which resembles the salon of a luxury residential, with an extensive library and all day healthy snacks and drinks on offering. It is the ideal gathering point for guests, whether they seek to engage with their parties or whether they seek to relax savouring a bite and simply relaxing by gazing at the park or reading.

All the suites of the Villa Stephanie boast a library space with a carefully curated selection of books. There is also an impressive collection of vintage vynils and a modern record player. And this provided, once again, for a unique moment – rediscovering record players and the ultimate listening experience. With the windows opens and watching the sun go by, I took  joy in listening to a vynil by Dvořák. These details carefully reconstruct a home away from home, inviting guests for longer stays.

All of this would not have been possible had the property not enjoy ideal owners, the Oetker family. Through a deep understanding of luxury, the never ceasing need to invest in both people and product and by applying a long term strategy, the owners of Brenners have been playing a crucial role in establishing Brenners Park as a world luxury hospitality icon. I

t came as natural, that the family created the Oetker Collection headquartered in Baden Baden which encompasses several masterpiece properties such as Le Bristol Paris, Hotel du Cap Eden Roc and the Lanesborough in London – to name but a few. Under the leadership of Frank Marrenbach, one of the finest luxury hoteliers, now CEO of the Oetker Collection, the group has firmly positioned itself in the last decade as of the leading luxury chains, internationally.

A video preview of a suite at Brenners Park can be viewed here, while a video preview of a suite at Villa Stephanie can be viewed here. More photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Oliver Petcu in Baden Baden