ICE HOTEL opens on Carpathian mountain top in Romania

The seasonal Ice Hotel on the Romanian Carpathian mountain top, by Balea Lake at an altitude of 2034 meters, above the sea, marked its official opening, today. This is the only such hotel, made entirely of ice and snow in Europe. The hotel has 10 double rooms and 3 igloos (stand alone bungalows).

The architecture of the hotel follows the models of previous years. The rooms are arranged alongside of a wide central aisle. The central point of the hotel will be the Ice Bar, with speciality cocktails served in glasses made ​​of ice. The equipment of the premises again follows a seasonal theme. This year, visitors can look forward to „Ice Sounds“.

This winter season, the Winter Park at the Ice Hotel will offer a series of activities as: ski and snowboarding, tubbing on natural slopes, snowmobiling, sleighing and ice skating. The hotel will remain open, weather permitting, till mid April 2012.