Hugo Boss debuts spectacular new racing yacht

Hugo Boss has supported ocean racing since 2003, when it sponsored Alex Thomson Racing. British sailor Thomson, having won his first round-the-world race in 1999 (at 25, he was the youngest skipper ever to win such a competition), currently holds a clutch of distance records.

He has competed in the gruelling Vendée Globe solo round-the-world race since 2004, coming in third in the 2012 event. The next Vendée Globe sets sail on 6 November 2016.

Informed and shaped by Thomson’s own extensive experience, and styled, inside and out, by long-standing Hugo Boss collaborator Konstantin Grcic, the yacht was built at Green Marine in Hythe, Hampshire, to specifications set out by IMOCA, in a process overseen at every stage by Thomson.

The Vendée Globe was founded in 1989 as the only non-stop, round-the-world race for the solo sailor. Typically, competitors spend between three and four months at sea, entirely alone and unable to set foot on dry land (otherwise they’re disqualified). The technical and physical challenge is immense.

Thomson has worked closely with Grcic to make this space as efficient as possible. There’s no sink, no toilet, no conventional bunk. ‘There’s no room for experimentation,’ says Grcic. ‘If something fails he has to be able to repair it while he’s racing.’ The boat’s livery is dominated by a big, bold Hugo Boss logo, as one might expect. The hull itself is black.

This will be Thompson’s fourth attempt at the Vendée Globe. He is a breed apart, and he knows it. Fewer than 100 people have ever completed a solo round-the-world race. For Hugo Boss, the boat, the team and the race are a major marketing expense that is not without risk.

The Hugo Boss IMOCA 60 racing yacht cuts an impressive figure as it slices its way around the world; its low hull, 30m mast and 650 sq m of sails all create an impressive sight at speed. Few pieces of industrial design are so singularly focused as the racing yacht, and the stakes could not be higher.

adapted from Wallpaper