How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

What constitutes the ‘perfect proposal’ is down to each couple and their individual tastes. Some may suggest that an extravagant setting, such as a helicopter ride, is the sure-fire way to get a ‘yes’, while others may prefer a more personal, intimate approach, like finding the engagement ring underneath the Christmas tree.

However, there are some simple ways you can make sure this engagement is one to remember – and that it’s got plenty of wow factor.

Make It Personal

One of the most important aspects of your proposal will be making it unique to you and your partner. No bride- or groom-to-be wants to feel like they’ve already seen their proposal somewhere else or that there wasn’t much effort involved, so add some personal touches that reflect your individual relationship. This might be proposing to your favourite song or getting down on one knee at the place you had your first kiss.

Say It with the Ring

Regardless of whether you’re good with words or not, the engagement ring can say it all for you. Chosen with your partner in mind (and perhaps with the help of one or two of his/her friends), this ring symbolises your relationship and will continue to do so for the rest of your lives. So take your time when choosing it, looking at places like F. Hinds for unique rings that epitomise your partner’s personality and your loving relationship.

Create an Intimate Atmosphere

You might have decided that an over-the-top proposal is right for you and your partner, or you may be creating a romantic setting at home, but one of the most important things is to make sure it’s intimate. This might seem difficult if you’re proposing somewhere public, but all it takes is a heartfelt speech to capture the moment perfectly.

Speak to Their Parents

This may seem a little old school but for many it’s still one of the most important aspects involved in a marriage proposal. And if your partner has made any hints that they’d like you to ask their parents if you can have their hand in marriage, it’s imperative you do so. But even if they haven’t, it still adds a nice touch to the overall proposal, and makes their family feel involved.

You don’t need to go down the traditional route, though, just tell them what you’re planning on doing, how you feel about their son/daughter and that you’d love them to be a part of this exciting time.

Creating the perfect proposal may seem a little intimidating at first but with some careful planning and consideration (and a little help from family and friends) you can create the next breathtaking story in your Happy Ever After.

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