How to learn about wine from a cosmetics brand

Mathilde and Bernard Thomas CAUDALIE

Having been a long time loyal consumer, first of LA PRAIRIE for more than 10 years and then of KANEBO for 3 years, on Valentine’s 2010 I made myself a gift and bought for the very first time, CAUDALIE. I had heard of the brand in while in New York a year ago when a good friend provided me with a very interesting review of this French brand which she discovered at the new SPA of the legendary PLAZA HOTEL. I also did a five minute research on the internet and discovered a very complex brand, the communications and positioning strategy of which, is entirely based on wine and ‘’Vinotherapy’’ which the company invented in the late 90’s. It was not the loyalty to Kanebo which kept me from further exploring the brand but the fact I am not a ‘’wine person’’, despite the indirect education I have received from family and friends. I have never understood the differences between the various dry wines and still cannot tell what a makes a wine a Chardonnay or a Merlot type.


This doesn’t mean that I did not started using the CAUDALIE cosmetics face line and it’s been such a pleasure discovering an amazing product of exceptional  quality, with most of its ingredients originating in wine, grapes and other  natural anti-oxidants. I started using the cleansing products, the anti-aging lip and eye serum and the Grand Cru anti-aging cream, which is also the flagship and most sophisticated product of the entire CAUDALIE collection. My skin took less than a week to fully adapt from the traditional cosmetics ingredients of Kanebo to the natural CAUDALIE. In less than 2 or 3 weeks, many of my close friends would ask me whether I had undergone some facial treatments as my skin looked very healthy, hydrated and almost wrinkle free.


About a month ago, I also ‘’gave up’’ on my two body wash products, the Revive from Aromatherapy Associates and L’Occitane’s Huile Amande, as well as the Vichy anti hair loss shampoo. I switched completely to CAUDALIE and again, discovered flawless products – Peach Wine body wash and the Anti Oxidant Shampoo. The only two products which I did not change have been my L’Occitane Baux deodorant and the face peel of Onsen.


The nicest compliment was yet to come when I made an appointment with my long time beautician in the exclusive salon of La Prairie, where I have been a loyal customer for more than 10 years. The minute I entered the treatment room she told me my face was radiant and yes, I told her about Caudalie. She used only La Prairie for my entire two hour facial and that is why, she told me, I might see some small ‘’angry’’ feedbacks from my skin when I would use CAUDALIE, especially due to the difference in ingredients and formulas. Guess what? The ‘’transition’’ on the second day went un-noticed and very smoothly.


CAUDALIE seems to have inspired other cosmetics specialists, Australian SKINN brand produced by Advance Pharmaceuticals have developed a men’s cosmetics made of tea extracts and grape essences.

Then, it was days ago when I realized I knew so little about wine and now I am such an expert in Vinotherapy and Resveratrol, which is the main ingredient extracted by CAUDALIE and utilized in most of their products. And still I know so little about wine, in the sense of wine tasting and wine expertise…yet, as always, life taught me a lesson !

Photo: Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, founders of CAUDALIE