How the Private Jet industry is changing the way we fly

There was a time when flying on a private jet was the height of luxury. Only royalty, celebrities, and oligarchs could afford to take a private jet. The rest of us were stuck in Economy on a commercial airline. Today, however, the private aviation market is far more accessible. Whilst the mega-rich might ask their PA to prepare the Lear Jet for a shopping trip to NYC, the rest of us can make use of technology to book an empty seat on a private jet – for a lot less than you think.

Private Jet

Private Jet Travel

There are two types of private jet. The first is a luxury transport mode for wealthy people who can’t abide the thought of sharing oxygen with us mere mortals. The second is private air charters connecting remote or inaccessible airports.

When booking a commercial flight, it is customary to organise your ticket in advance. Most airlines hike their prices close to departure date. Low-cost ticket hub, Kayak, recommends you book two months before departure for the best prices, although it’s not an exact science. Interestingly, though, most people who book flights on private jets do so very close to departure. Research carried out by one private jet charter company found that 90 percent of bookings were made within a week of departure and 12 percent were made on the day.

A Flexible Travel Solution

Clearly, in the business world, travel plans are sometimes last-minute. In this instance, commercial airlines are not always the best solution, as seat availability may be limited. There is also the issue of routes. Booking a seat on a commercial airline is fine if you want to travel between London and Los Angeles, but if you want to fly between London Biggin Hill and the Bahamas, a private jet is your only option.

The Rise of Technology

Technology is making luxury travel accessible to the masses. Thanks to sites like Vista Jet, anyone can find empty leg flights and enjoy a tailored private jet experience at an affordable price. For busy executives, this is a more efficient way to travel. You can enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi and a complete office suite, so by the time you arrive at your destination, you are refreshed and ready to work.

The more popular these technology solutions become, the more accessible they are to new customers. It’s an affordable way to enjoy luxury travel on a shoestring.