How popcorn relates to luxury lifestyle

When French luxury maison Lanvin catwalk show with live music in Shanghai, 2 months ago, the after event buzz was not about the clothing or the singer but about….the ‘gold’ popcorn stations which replaced the usual catering at such event. The choice is even more ironic considering popcorn used to be associated by the Chinese, in the past, as the food of the poorest.

On the other side of the world, popcorn has, for several years, become a ‘must have’ of luxury lifestyle, especially among fashionistas. From online sales to luxury boutiques selling popcorn, the craze has taken over the entire U.S. Bercos’s is the latest luxury popcorn boutique to open in Chicago, after selling online for more than a year. Berco’s popular flavors include Pretty & Skinny, Big Time Butter and the Way Too Expensive White Truffle and others like the Billion Dollar Popcorn, which is covered in edible 23 karat gold and goes for a whopping $250.

479° Popcorn boutique in San Francisco features a huge selection of fresh & home made ‘luxury popcorn’ from black truffle organic popcorn to Vietnamese Cinnamon, Fleur de Sel Caramel, available in limited edition boxes, which retail for up to $70. 479 Popcorn is available online and at select gourmet shops throughout the U.S. and Canada. Today, the popcorn brand also sells branded merchandise such as T shirts and other ‘must-have’ popcorn essentials.