How efficient can be the travel in space positioning for luxury brands ?

From recent Madonna campaign, Louis Vuitton seems to have taken abrupt shift in its positioning, creating an entire campaign around the celebration of travel to space. Is Louis Vuitton taking a strategic step to differentiate from previous predictable celebrity campaigns or is it just a rush decision part of a repositioning campaign, bringing Louis Vuitton back to exclusivity, desirability? Travelling to the moon has been a privilege for but few and remains a dream for most mortals. Could this be the reasoning behind Vuittons campaign ? The featuring of Vuitton space ad on CNN seems in total contradiction. It looks more like a desperate measure which is likely to create confusion, especially since all top luxury brands which Vuitton is competing with, such as Hermes or Gucci are striving to go back to their heritage. Mention should be made, it is the first time, Vuitton is airing an ad on television, let alone on a cable new channel.
By contrast, swiss watch maker OMEGAs campaign to celebrate the first walk on the moon cleverly draws on heritage with a headline which states that Omega was the first watch to be worn in space. Of course, only imagining a Vuitton bag on a space journey would look hilarious.