How can SPA experiences turn into lasting dreams

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Waking up at home, on a beautiful sunny Spring day, I went out and accidentally bumped into a good friend… As always, I could not help but admire his impeccable hairdo and his perfect, radiant skin, not to mention his crisp, fine tailored Italian suit. We had a chat about Paris, his work, but also about my recent horrifying experience of over 11 days, being stranded in the Middle East due to the ash cloud. Despite feeling tired, almost exhausted, I could not pass on his recommendation to have a SPA treatment, which I did and could not be happier about it.

The Tropical Magnolia treatment included a foot wash and a massage. The foot was a gentle exfoliation with shells and Tropical Magnolia flowers. The massage was a soft to medium pressure treatment comprising marma pressure points face massage and a combination of Thai and deep tissue stretches.  My therapist was what one would call a true Parisian sophisticated lady, with an eye for details. She did ask how I was feeling and I explained briefly, but I knew she ”scanned” my thoughts and feelings just looking at my skin and eyes. What followed was an amazing experience which perfectly blended her techniques with the immediate energizing and at the same time relaxing effects of the magnolia flowers. It was a perfect start for Spring, feeling more inspired and motivated to go out, work and enjoy every-day life.


On a very warm, yet sunny day, I returned home from 5 business meetings in 5 different parts of the city, feeling tired and positive at the same time, confident I had a defining role in creating a beautiful project. Discussions were intense and sensible, leaving me meditating even in the cab, on the way back home. I could not wait for my late afternoon appointment at the SPA, which I knew would ”repair” not only my senses but also my body. I was told my regular therapist was no longer available at the late timing which I have opted for, but another good therapist would take care of me.

And what followed exceeded my expectations ! After exchanging some standard treatment requirements and specifics, it took him seconds to read my thoughts and feelings. His gentle and at the same time deep touches sent instant electric messages, a bond having been created between my body and his brain. This perfect non-verbal communication continued with his ”exploration” of the most sensitive and painful muscles of my body, applying different ”messages” to each body part, inch by inch, recreating a whole new aura, which he was in control of. With every segment of the treatment, I felt so enthusiastic about his creativity and I could not be more excited about movements and touches which I had never experienced before. It was a series of ”planned” surprises from his part which lead to a state of gravity. I reached a final point of my treatment where I felt my body let itself be totally under his control. It almost gave the impression of not being in control of my legs, yet still they did respond to his controls.

My treatment was an enlivening salt therapy, mineral-rich sea salt exfoliation that helps improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.  Detoxifying and balancing elements of citrus plant essences were blended with lemongrass. A refreshing treatment cream was added to hydrate the skin. The scrub was followed by a deep tissue, oil-based sports massage.


Friday early afternoon, in the middle of a very busy business day, with long meetings, I took a taxi to a pharmacy, which has been highly recommended by my friends at the SPA, the products of which I had previously had the opportunity to briefly try. My plan to spend less than 20 minutes was quickly overturned by the myriad of fully organic cosmetics, homeopathy and dietary supplements. It felt like discovering art in a museum or books in a library. Each product I touched, not only had a story but also had a message, which I later understood, at the SPA. I was pampered by my friends at the SPA with an upgrade to the Sky Suite, which had the most amazing panoramic views of London and Hyde Park.

My therapist, a very young lady, introduced herself and began thanking me for providing her the opportunity to work in her favourite treatment room, which impressed me a lot. She could not feel more excited and pleased about her work. Rarely, have I had the opportunity to meet people who are so passionate about their work. She knew everything about the company and the brand I discovered at the pharmacy and I could tell she tried everything, telling me she had already spent a fortune on the products but she could not be any more pleased. Although only briefly mentioning how I felt, she grasped from my eyes and skin every single detail. Her hands sent almost ”electric messages” conveying a complete harmony.

My treatment was  a signature ritual which included an aromatherapy foot soak infused with neroli, lemon and bergamot. A full-body exfoliation with an organic bamboo and calendula body scrub followed. The ritual concluded with a stress-relieving back, neck and shoulder massage using a signature body oil infused with uplifting St. John’s Wort and rosemary body oil.

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