How can Qatar make progress as a travel destination with so many religion motivated obstacles?

Authorities in Qatar issued a written notice to hotel managers at the weekend banning the sale of alcohol in swimming pool areas or on the beach, leading to the last minute cancellation of some beach parties around the capital Doha, it was reported.

The Four Seasons, St. Regis and the Ritz Carlton hotels all cancelled their beach parties at the weekend as a result of the notice, which was issued on Thursday, Doha News confirmed.Officials have not yet commented on whether the new notice is a new regulation or the reinforcement of an existing rule, the report added.

It is not the first time Qatar has moved to clampdown on the sale of alcohol, several top restaurants and bars opting to close earlier this year at Pearl Qatar luxury shopping centre. What is next? Banning alcohol in mini-bars of hotels so that locals can no longer check-in for the weekend?

Four Seasons Hotel, Doha