Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris launches Barbie™ and Hot Wheels™ rooms

In a bold and sensitive move, luxury Parisian palace hotel Plaza Athénée, a member of the Dorschester Collection launches its Barbie™ room, for the second consecutive year, adding another room, this time, for boys too.

Dedicated to making their younger guests’ dreams come true, Hôtel Plaza Athénée is introducing the Hot Wheels™ bedroom for the first time ever, in addition to the iconic Barbie™ bedroom following the success of its debut in 2010.

For the month of August 2011, Hôtel Plaza Athénée’s youngest visitors will have the chance to stay in a luxury room decked from ceiling to floor with Barbie™ or Hot Wheels™ accessories. Fulfilling every little boy’s dream, the Hot Wheels™ room will have a custom car bed flanked with Hot Wheels™ blue and orange bedside tables as well as custom cars, tracksets, stunts, games and gadgets.