Hilton, Rolex and Tiffany’s, highest rated luxury brands in Ukraine

Ukrainian Marketing Group (UMG) has launched Ukraine’s first rating of luxury brands based on polls of luxury brand consumers – Luxury Index 2011.

Artur Herasymov, UMG Director General said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday that a total of 400 Ukrainians with annual incomes of over UAH 1.2 million were polled. He said that during the first stage of the study, four key criteria that are decisive in the selection of goods and services were set: quality, the originality of a brand, consumption by people of a certain circle and the feeling of belonging to a certain class when using the brand. After the poll, the Luxury Index was calculated for the following categories: cars, women and men’s clothes, watches, jewelry, cognacs, hotels and yachts.

Herasymov said that rich Ukrainians said that the best hotels for them are the Hilton (619), Hyatt (500) and Interсontinental (439). Among the cars the leaders are Bentley (594), followed by Rolls-Royce (564), and then Ferrari and Maybach (515).

He also said that the first position in the watch category was given to Rolex (656), while Breguet (331) and Patek Philippe (258) were second and third respectively."The Rolex rating is higher among women than among men, while men highly appraised Breguet," the UMG director said.

Herasymov also said that the leaders in the women’s clothes were Chanel (247), Dior (244) and Yves Saint Laurent (225), while that for men’s clothes they were Dolce&Gabbana (538), Gucci (446) and Brioni (419). Tiffany & Co (609), Cartier (581) and Bvlgari (406) are first in the jewellery category.

from InterFax