Hermès unveils Japanese-inspired Arceau Temari timepiece

Hermes’ Japanese-inspired Arceau Temari  new timepiece combines the skills of snow setting and hard stone marquetry in an exceptional collection of jewellery watches. The story of Temari, an art meaning “hand ball” in Japanese, is bound up with that of kimonos, since the making of these silken garments provided enough scraps of fabric to make these entertaining objects that were greatly appreciated at the Imperial court.

Little by little, simple stitching gave way to embroidery and to motifs that were increasingly sophisticate, in terms both their complex geometry and their colourful harmonies. These ancestral balls have inspired a Hermès silk carré, of which one of the motifs is now
reinterpreted in the Arceau collection.

These watches are issued in limited white gold editions set with diamonds according to the snow-setting technique and feature dials reproducing the design of one of these balls by combining diamonds with a marquetry composed either of white mother-of-pearl, onyx, lapis lazuli or opal.

The snow-setting is done with no predefined plan; and instead each stone is individually selected and put in place; each claw is cut and each grain is beaded so as to create an harmonious overall effect that is unique to each model. Dial: White gold set with 176 diamonds and onyx marquetry (7.27 g, 0.78 cts); Case in white gold (42.6 g), gem-set using the snow-setting technique that makes each watch unique. Case set with 675 diamonds and crown set with 27 diamonds including a rosecut diamond (approx. 4.43 cts)