HERMES takes strategic decision to develop high end jewelry

French luxury goods firm Hermes has announced that it will be launching a collection of fine jewelry with accessories designer Pierre Hardy. The 14 piece collection of  “haute joaillerie” was inspired by the shape of a horse’s hoof to keep with the fashion house’s equestrian roots.

Prices range from $23,675 for a pair of rose gold and black jade earrings to $880,000 for a diamond necklace. All pieces come with a custom-made alligator leather box complete with a real zebra skin mat.

Jewellery orders can be placed during the collection’s world tour this fall, which will hit Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Berlin, the source reports.

”This comes as a natural extension of HERMES’s product lines” says Oliver Petcu of CPP, and he adds that this is a move which will be welcomed by all HERMES loyal customers and might even attract new customers. Petcu also added ”Hermes is known for its top luxury leather accessories, clothing, home collection, fragrances as well as horse riding accessories. The temptation of over diversification also led HERMES to mistakes such as helicopters, cars and more recently yachts, such domains having nothing in common with Hermes’s immense and invaluable heritage. Fortunately, the owners of HERMES decided last month to terminate the collaboration on the Hermes yacht project.”