Hermes takes an affordable approach with new space at Nordstrom Seattle

Hermès is experimenting a more affordable approach with the opening of a colorfully-designed space in Nordstrom’s Seattle flagship. The boutique features jewelry and scarves, categories that include its most entry-level pieces — a slim “Twilly” scarf goes for about $160. The aim is to draw in new Hermès customers, from regular Nordstrom shoppers in their 40s and 50s to the very young and fashion-obsessed.

The boutique, created by the spacial designer Robert Storey, reads as an upscale playground, with little archways, nooks, and a hanging installation built from scraps of Hermès scarves sewn into long, spaghetti-like strands.

“Once you’re inside it, it’s almost like a car wash,” says Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s VP of creative projects, with a laugh.

That highly Instagrammable piece of décor is a metaphor for the boutique’s overall goal: to recast precious goods as something touchable and lighthearted. Rather than sitting under glass, product will be displayed out in the open — dangling from moveable hooks on magnetized walls, for instance.

“We wanted the customer to be able to engage and have fun and try things on without the intimidation of it having to be unlocked or completely serviced,” Kim says.

Hermes new boutique at Nordstrom Seattle