Hermès opens third store in Dubai at Mall of Emirates

French luxury maison Hermès has opened a third boutique in Dubai, this time at the iconic Mall of the Emirates. Designed by Parisian firm RDAI, the new store is a combination of sleek contemporary design with traditional cues of the maison.

On the outside, the boutique cleverly utilises materials including glass to allow passersby a peek into the lush interiors while at the same time afford privacy to the customers inside. Before even entering the store, customers will be greeted by two large window displays where French art duo Zim & Zou have been commissioned to a unique world of paper flora called Folks Forest. To reflect the artisanship of the stunning Hermès merchandise, each piece of the art installation was also individually crafted by hand.

There are seven different rooms, each one filtering off the main entrance and dedicated to a specific aspect of Hermès’ heritage: accessories, watches, fashion and fragrance. Just as each room presents its own unique offerings, the décoralso changes from room to room, from the chestnut coloured wool carpet of the jewellery room, to the smoky silk curtains in the women’s area, to the grey leather chairs in the men’s department.