Hermes opens second Shang Xia store in Beijing and first Paris store next year

Created by Hermes two years ago, independently run Shang Xia is a brand developed in China, nurturing Asian craftsmanship and creative talent in clothing, accessories and home decorations, including furniture pieces, jewellery and table settings. The first Shang Xia store opened in Shanghai in September 2010.

Shang Xia store Beijing (photo Jing Daily)

Next week, Shang Xia is opening its second store in China, in the capital of Beijing at China World Mall. When asked about the inspiration behind the new collection, Creative Director Jiang Qiong’er answered, “We are trying to pass down the philosophies and values of the old culture to the modern society. We hope our collection can be passed down through generations in a similar way in which traditional Chinese values such as family, drinking tea and sharing are transferred from old to young.”

Speaking on the similarities that link Shang Xia and Hermès, Patrick Thomas CEO of Hermes International said, “We are going back to the past to look for the future, and both Hermès and Shang Xia share the philosophy of the importance of the value of the product.” Any concerns about the wider appeal of the new collection to customers in China as well as the West were confidently brushed aside by Thomas: “Our three legacies of craftsmanship, creativity and style are simply being transferred into a different environment, and I’m very proud to see it doing well so far.”

Thomasalso said he expected Shang Xia, which sells China-inspired apparel, jewelry and furniture for as much as $99,000, to eventually overtake Hermès sales in China. That explains why the Paris-based luxury giant is throwing its weight behind the growth of the brand, investing “tens of millions of Euros” into developing it over the next five years, he told WSJ.

The first European store for Shang Xia in Paris, initially announced for September 2012, will open Spring 2013. The Shang Xia store in Paris will be situated on Rue du Sevre in the Saint Germain district.

Shang Xia store