Hermes opens perfume dedicated store in Dubai

Hermes has recently opened dedicated perfume store in Mall of the Emirates, in Dubai. As only the second store of its kind worldwide – that exclusively houses fragrance – the new space will offer customers the full range.

Hermès speaks of perfume being “one of the defining traits of the [Middle] East”. With an eye to the region’s long history with fragrance and incense, the opening of a specialist scent store feels entirely logical.

The interior is filled with light, from the pale grey floor topped with glass cabinets that extend to the ceiling, to the light oak panels. Spacious and airy, the store acts as a simple canvas to show off the perfumes, which sit along glass shelves.

On offer are the major fragrances of the house, the Garden Fragrance collection for women, and Colognes for men. Also available is the Hermessence collection, fully customisable with a choice of leathers for the case.

In addition, Hermès speaks of “the art of living in fragrance”, for which it offers Le Bain Hermès – literally Bath Time – and Le Parfum de la maison to infuse fragrance in a room.