Hermes Mumbai, the flagship store of the Maison in India hosts digital exhibition in December

Maison Hermes‘s flagship store in Mumbai, one of the most luxurious stores in Asia Pacific, is hosting Decemer 6-8 2013 adigital exhibition by French artist Miguel Chevalier, focusing on the Hermes tie collection. Miguel Chevalier is one of the pioneers in the field of digital art, and this exhibition is particularly fascinating since he has taken Hermes tie designs, and reworked them in a digital framework with motion sensor technology that brings the design to life.

Two complementary installations created for Hermès will captivate the visitor. The first, an interactive, virtual-reality wall projection inspired by the artist’s “Binary Wave” artwork is an enchanting experience. The visitors’ movements activate both a generative music soundtrack by the composer Jacopo Baboni Schilingi and animate patterns representing playing cards, pétanque balls or table football players.

The second, more intimate, is an interactive virtual book adapted from his “Herbarius 2059”. In its pages, the visitor discovers the collection of tie designs, each one accompanied by a multilingual lexical background of the sporting and epicurean terms evoked by each design. New and unusual ways of tying a tie are also presented: the simple knot, the Windsor knot or the double simple knot and the multiple Windsor knot.