HERMES mourns the death of its former President and dismisses any intentions to sell

In a press release issued on Sunday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has paid homage to Jean Louis Dumas, former President and Creative Director of HERMES, praising him for promoting French craftsmanship and creativity worldwide. Mr Jean Louis Dumas died on Saturday in Paris at the age of 72. He is accredited for reinventing constantly the HERMES brand and transforming it into an unrivalled luxury brand known for the exceptional quality of its craftsmanship and materials, maintaining the heritage of the brand while constantly enhancing its modernity.

The Dumas family still controls directly 74% of the HERMES company and it holds key positions in the company board. Jean Louis Dumas was replaced in its CEO position in 2006 by Patrick Thomas, the first non Dumas family executive at the helm of the brand.

The death of Mr Jean Louis Dumas has generated over the weekend a wave of rumours that the Dumas family might be interested to sell all speculations pointing at LVMH and Richemont, the two leading international luxury groups.

All such speculation has been strongly rejected by HERMES. “There is no change in the Hermes family’s attachment to the company,” Christel Denef, an Hermes spokes woman stated in an official email today.