Hermès launches online campaign to highlight craftsmanship

Hermès is letting its products speak for themselves with a behind-the-scenes video that shows the maison’s artisans at work. Entitled “No Comment”, suggests, the work behind Hermès’ range of products needs no verbal explanation as the results are able to stand on their own without much context.

“The No Comment videos literally speak for themselves,” said John Casey, senior vice president of Havas Public Relations, New York. ”Hermès is known for its craftsmanship, and the videos go to great lenghts to show that at work. “No Comment’s videos provide the viewer with an up-close and personal perspective about how Hermès products are handcrafted and the attention to detail, from the painting, to the polishing, cutting and packaging,” he said.

Each time No Comment is viewed, a different sequence of behind-the-scenes activities are shown to give a well-rounded representation of how Hermès operates to create its products. For example, the viewer can watch footage of artisans at work on various products such as as fragrances, leather goods, housewares and loom work.

In one such episode, the viewer can watch as a perfumer samples a scent presented to him by another worker. The perfumer dips a scent strip into a small vile, smells the fragrance and makes notes before the clip ends.


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