HERMES launches limited edition Indian sari at Mumbai flagship store

Following the recent opening of its flagship store in Mumbai, its third in India, luxury maison HERMES launches this week a limited edition of five Indian saris (sarees). Hermès is the first international major luxury brand to open a street stand alone store in India, most luxury brands being represented in malls and hotel shopping galleries.

The sari collection has been developed in the Hermès’ workshops in Lyon under the direction of Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès. Creativity and innovation lie at the heart of the house. In the year that Hermès pays homage to its contemporary artisans, a new way of printing has been devised to create a length of printed fabric measuring 5,50m. Each piece is characterised by the Hermès “roulotté” edge, meticulous handiwork that requires approximately 9 hours work for the double mousseline sari.

With the occasion of the launch, Patrick Thomas, CEO of Hermes told the FT: ”Designing these saris for Indian consumers is a way to pay light homage to India, and say, Hermès admires India and has a lot to learn from India”.

Based on popular Hermès scarves with Indian motifs, the Hermes limited edition sari marks the first time a Western company has created the garment, the DNA of which is deeply Indian. The Hermes saris will be priced 5.500 euros to 7.500 euros and will be exclusively available in Hermes stores in India.

Asked whether saris will be permanent Hermès product category for India, Patrick Thomas told the FT: “We don’t know whether we are going to keep them for the long run,” says Mr Thomas. “It depends on how people receive them.”

Photos of the Hermès Indian sari collection in the photo gallery – click on main photo.