HERMES inagurates ”Hermes Art de La table” stoire in Dubai

The announcement of the Hermes Art de la Table store opening at Dubai Mall comes just months after Sarya Group, Hermes‘s local partner, showcased historical pieces of the brands in the "Icons of French Style: Dream Objects" an exhibit organized by Comite Colbert also at Dubai Mall.

Hermes Art de la Table, Puiforcat and Saint-Louis are a part of the Hermes Group, guardians of French artistry, and are known for their artistic craftsmanship, rarity, history and opulence in tableware and home decoration. try{document.write(zawya_banner_zone(‘zone9337′)); }catch(e){} For centuries, these three brands were known only to exist in the mansions, kingdoms and even museums and now they will exist in the palaces of the East.

Hermes Art de la Table, the story teller in porcelain, offers finely crafted home ware and accessories including vases, decanters and dining sets; while Puiforcat, the master silversmith and originator of modern silver designs, known for its simple but functional creations, balances the spirituality, precision and elegance of its French heritage in its silverware. The third brand, Saint Louis with the exclusive Parisian pedigree of being the architect of crystals and master glassmaker transforms water, fire and sand to create awe-inspiring artifacts such as glasses, vases, chandeliers and even paperweights.

Though the Hermes and Sarya partnership has been present in the region for around ten years, the operations were mainly focused on providing the region’s royalty and elites with bespoke pieces. The newly opened store in Dubai Mall is the first official retail presence of the brand in the region.



The store itself is designed to inspire art connoisseurs with an environment of opulence and of luxury that was previously experienced only by the world’s royalty and brings together the savoir-faire of these master brands under one roof. The royal and exclusive clientele has not only gone global with this store but it now has a new name; the collectors of Hermes.