HERMES craft festival gets underway in the US with several international locations to follow

Called ”FESTIVAL DES METIERS” (festival of crafts) is an open-to-the-public event organized by HERMES to  showcase the masterful craftsmen and artisans from the renowned  workshops in Lyons, France. Those who attend will discover the poetic and visionary techniques of the Hermès crafts, ranging from the effervescent spectrum of colors in silk scarf printing to the emblematic “saddle stitch” at the foundation of Hermès handbag designs, including the renown Birkin Bag, which has become a symbol of wealth and high fashion as one of the most coveted purses in history.

Guests will also have the opportunity to meet the Hermès craftsmen and artisans, and learn a specific technique of his or her trade in a delightful and interactive environment for the entire family. The festival will offer an array of demonstrations that will include the crafts of leather making, silk engraving, jewelry making and more.

The event is part of the wide 2011 campaign of HERMES to showcase its crafts, the debut of the campaign being started with a short video which was launched online earlier this year. The first stop of the international tour was Bellevue, with the exhibition lasting from 23 to 28 February. The following US destinations are Seattle, Chicago and D.C.