HAUTE COUTURE – a tool to fight crisis at CHANEL

In a recent interview, the President of CHANELs fashion division explained that Haute Couture is part of the CHANEL DNA. During the current crisis, CHANEL considers its Haute Couture an essential image tool, while the majority of international luxury brands struggle to rediscover their heritage. The French maison does not take into account any compromises for the Haute Couture collections, which other reputed fashion houses have taken. Some of the other haute couture brands have given in to clients impatience and deliver an haute couture dress in less than a month (minimum delivery at Chanel is 2 months). The CHANEL executive also adds that CHANEL will never resort to such measures as an haute couture gown requires times and exceptional skills. Chanels competitive advantage is the fact that it succeeded in the past years to purchase some of its key suppliers such as shoe, lace or broderie manufacturers.
There are approximately 3000 people who attent the Paris haute couture shows, of which 300 are real clients. Chanels youngest client is 20 years old and is from Shanghai.