Harry Winston unveils “Rosebud Heart”, an exceptional high jewelry timepiece

The Rosebud Heart high jewelry timepiece by Harry Winston proposes a romantic way of wearing time. Versatile and glamorous, the heart-shaped piece can be worn as a necklace or on the wrist as a traditional timepiece.

Versatility, a quality that has characterized Harry Winston’s jewelry since the company was founded in 1932, is at the heart of this new high jewelry timepiece for women, which can be worn around the neck as a pendant or on the wrist. The marriage of 86 brilliant-cut diamonds with a heart-shaped case is the epitome of romance and everything about this delightful creation is a declaration of love.

The stylized white gold heart, palpitating with the light of 49 superlative brilliant-cut diamonds is traversed by Cupid’s legendary arrow in a playful allusion to being love struck. The tips of Cupid’s magical arrow are adorned using Harry Winston’s signature clustering technique in which diamonds are set at varying angles to increase volume and capture the light in all directions.

An ingenious underlying structure in the shape of a heart allows for the simple transformation of the timepiece to a pendant. The diamond-set timepiece literally clips in and out of its support to be worn according to your whim. The elegant black satin strap features an aperture in the middle allowing the white gold case of the watch to come in direct contact with your skin, just like the necklace which sits close to your heart. For the romantically inclined, the two parallel satin straps – which are united by the white gold buckle set with 29 brilliant-cut diamonds to become one single strap – could symbolize the unison of two distinct bodies as one.

Shimmering with a light of its own, the natural mother-of-pearl dial with a beaded finish contains the shaft of Cupid’s arrow. Set with 7 brilliant-cut diamonds on a similar level as the pearly dial, the hands journey over the stones, a subtle metaphor for the inexorable march of time. Naturally, a top-quality quartz movement has been fitted for carefree maintenance and precision.

Whether worn around the neck on the white gold chain or on the wrist, Harry Winston’s attention to every last detail is evident. On the underside of the case on the strap for example, you will find a charming detail of two hearts engraved into the head of the screws. In addition to the white diamond version, a stunning Rosebud Heart model with baguette and pear-cut diamonds gets the heart racing with a passionate ruby-set arrow and matching alligator strap.