Harry Winston adds Blue Edition to its Project Z6 line of timepieces

Harry Winston’s Project Z6 Blue Edition is the latest addition to the Project Z series, which is built around Harry Winston’s mechanical, hand-wound caliber HW1010 which is composed of 338 parts. The Project Z6 Blue Edition is also an alarm watch. It has a sophisticated alarm function that consists of a minute repeater style hammer, which strikes a gong that produces a very loud noise.

The ‘Z’ in Project Z6 Blue Edition, stands for Zalium. Zalium is extremely light but harder than titanium, non-allergenic, and extremely corrosion resistant.  It is an aerospace type zirconium alloy that is exclusive to Harry Winston in watchmaking. The Project Z6 Blue Edition is offered in a 44 mm Zalium case.  The hardness and resistance to abrasive wear of the material is enhanced by a grey diamond like carbon finish.

Harry Winston, Z6 Blue Edition watch