Harrods Village pop-up opens in Doha, Qatar

Harrods Village pop-up series has arrived in Doha, Qatar. Located in Doha’s Katrura Cultural Village, this exclusive concept is the fourth edition of this project, which is  designed to replicate the iconic London store coupled with a unique local shopping experience.

The newly opened space is created with fourteen luxury boutiques from brands including Audi, Bentley, Choprad and Ferrari. Originally created and designed by Italian architect, Gio Pagani, the concept has now been brought  to the Middle East. Talking about the cross-border inititiative Pagano says: “The goal for this ambitious village was to create a really unique space that enhances the environment, adds a desirable wow factor, and highlights each luxury brand within a contrasting unexpected temporary space, turning what was originally an anonymous space into one of the world’s most desirable shopping experiences.”

Harrods Village Doha