Harman and BMW present revolutionary infotainment at CES in Las Vegas

High-end sound equipment producer Harman recently partnered with German luxury car-maker BMW to develop a new connectivity and infotainment system. The system is designed to wirelessly combine connectivity, navigation and new software apps, helping to turn the car into a mobile office. The best part is that the system is fully upgradable, which means owners will be able stay up to date when new software is released.

Some of the highlights include a ‘birds-eye’ 3D view for maps, advanced guiding and new location-based services such as weather information, and a high-resolution (1280×480) display with 3D menus.The system also supports several voice-activated services, providing drivers with the ability to dictate short emails, texts or voice memos to be composed and sent later or instantly via mobile uplink.

The system also features an embedded BMW iPhone app that provides quick and easy access to Facebook, Internet radio and other services, and soon it will have the ability to add more third party apps. BMW and Harman are previewing the system at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show taking place this week in Las Vegas in a BMW 3 Series sedan. It will eventually be offered in most BMW models including the top-selling 5 Series and 7-Series lines. Video preview

adapted from motorauthority.com

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