Half of the checked BENTLEY owners in Bulgaria committed fiscal frauds

All 105 Bentley owners in Bulgaria are investigated for possible tax evasion and other fraud as part of efforts to curb rampant corruption, the countrys revenue agency said today. The revenue agency statement said it will investigate the sources of income of the Bentley owners and appoint audits if checks proved there were discrepancies between declared incomes and actual assets held. The statement made no reference to whether the owners of other up market cars would be investigated. It turned out Bulgaria is one of the countries in Europe where the number of registered Bentleys is…very high, said Rossen Bachvarov, the agency spokesman. There is nothing wrong if one has a Bentley as long as they have paid their taxes.
Bulgarian media cite various sources which indicate that half of the BENTLEY owners checked have committed various fiscal frauds and embezzlement. Two ministers are also owners of Bentley.