Gucci saw its total site traffic increase 46 percent in 2017

According to SimilarWeb, Gucci saw its total site traffic increase 46 percent in 2017 compared to the year prior. In December 2017, for example, SimilarWeb found that Gucci had 4.2 million visits across desktop and mobile Web in the United States alone, much higher than December 2016’s 1.9 million.

In its strategy review of Gucci, SimilarWeb saw it improve its performance across all engagement metrics in 2017. For example, page visits in the U.S. increased by 85 percent year-over-year.

For 2017, Gucci’s desktop share reached 34.6 percent compared to the year prior of 24.4 percent. Visit durations for 2017 were approximately 220 seconds, just slightly higher from 208 seconds the year prior. Pages per visit saw a large growth from 2016 to 2017. In 2017, Gucci’s pages per visit were 7.1 while in 2016 that number was less than 4.

According to SimilarWeb, “The overwhelming majority of search traffic to is branded, that is the keywords driving traffic to the site tend to include the term Gucci in combination with a particular item or product. “It goes without saying how important continued brand recognition is to the luxury brand, but from 2016 to 2017 there was a reduced investment in paid traffic for branded keywords,” the report said.

“This suggests that after almost 100 years, Gucci is still a recognizable and effective brand generating an increasing proportion of organic search traffic due to the strong perception of product quality and integrity.”

Per SimilarWeb, Gucci’s organic search share increased by 9 percent in 2017, more than doubling in volume from 2016. Also, 97 percent of search traffic is branded.

As such, Gucci’s investment in on- and offline allows its Web site to generate more traffic organically. Due to organic traffic generation, branded keywords become more of an asset.

SimilarWeb awarded Gucci with its Momentum Award, given to brands with exceptional growth in a given year. Brands to receive the 2017 award include Uniqlo, Stitch Fix, The New York Times, Wayfair and Airbnb, among others.

In November, for example, Gucci received the equivalent of $73.8 million in free publicity, rising to the top of Tribe Dynamics’ monthly rankings for earned media.

Tribe Dynamics’ Earned Media Value quantifies both the amount of publicity brands receive through digital media and engagement levels surrounding posts by influencers, brands, retailers and publications. Among luxury labels, Gucci topped brands including Chanel, Saint Laurent and Dior who also made the top 10 list

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